It all started when…

i discovered my yoga 15 years ago and from there I traveled down a road of true discovery of myself, my love of wellness, food, nutrition and all things bringing happiness and connection to the world around me. That may sound a bit much, rather flighty and flowery but it is honestly the truth. Somehow getting myself into my yoga got me to where I am today, and I am so grateful it did! That is why the whole Nourish Love Grow came to be for me. Those three words help me define what it is I want to offer this world!

NOURISH. Man, now that is a word. I love this word. It brings a lot of meaning to me. I want to nourish myself in all forms. Nourishment through food, movement, laughter, through it all. I want to give other that opportunity to others. Finding their own NOURISHMENT.

LOVE. This. Is. Big. It has taken me a while, but love is so big and important and mandatory. But, mostly I want to give people better access to love in their life, whether that is through their yoga, nutrition, or simply their view on themselves as a whole. I want to offer up some loving knowledge to help them get to a more LOVING space.

GROW. Growth, not like my pants don’t fit anymore kind of growth. I mean LIFE growth. The ability to grow the knowledge within one self. The ability to learn more to be better. In every single facet of their life, what do they want to do to GROW more?

I am a strong loving yogi, wife, mama, nutrition therapy practitioner and lover of all things wellness! I am a sucker for a good self help book, yoga retreat, and even more a fan of good nutrient dense food! I want to share with the world these passions and help other access their inner happy selves!