Teach Your Kids to Meditate...sort of!

Teach Your Kids to Meditate...sort of!

I believe all humans have a purpose and deserve the right to be seen, heard and understood. I see parenting, relationships and feeling connected to our work like personal growth on steroids. Our most intimate relationships show us exactly where we can grow and expand.

Heather Chauvin

You are Enough...

You are Enough...

You know when you read something and it takes your breathe away?

Well, this post literally smacked me in the face. Whoa. So I read it once, posted it immediately to all the moms in the world wanting to offer up love to all of them, letting them k

Listen. Be there. Listen.

Listen. Be there. Listen.

Photo and prayer: Tosha Silver, artwork by Terry Rowe

Photo and prayer: Tosha Silver, artwork by Terry Rowe

Moving forward with a new sense of grace and honor.

Or, I am trying hard to do so.

I am attempting to write something today that will be meaningful and inspiring. Something that can bring some comfort to all of us who feel weighed down today. I am not completely sure what to say. I sat this morning in meditation and was really restless, felt really ungrounded. I found I needed to really breathe. Breathe. Take it in, take it all in. Emotions were all over the place, and finally I came to a place where my breathe slowed and I became quiet and I listened. What arose from this? Patience and love, it resonated with me, I needed to be patient and offer love today and moving forward.

I am gonna go out there on a limb…and get a little woo woo on all of you for a minute. The universe is speaking…but we are not listening. So, sometimes the universe is going to present something to us. The universe is going to test us and make every single one of us fall off balance and literally say…WTF!

So maybe this is it, maybe this is our “oh SHIT” moment. The moment for us to think about what we can do right now, in this super scary moment. Then really there is nothing to literally “do”. We have to trust that there is a higher power out there that will bring us to where we need to be. But, here is the thing, if we listen, I mean really listen we have an opportunity to grow, to really see something so uncomfortable we feel almost paralyzed by it.

Can we sit in that space and really feel it?

Yes, its gonna be hard, so very painful, so very raw, but think about what can happen on the other side of that. WHOA! There is light, there is growth, love, and power within us that will make that light shine so bright that nothing can stop us.

But, first we must stop and listenreally listen.

Man, that is rough, when we are surrounded right now with panic, anger, frustration, violence, and hate. None of which offers anything to make our light shine or our love grow. It wastes us, it takes our energy from us and steals our light.


Be there for people and listen to what they are saying, listen to what the opponent is saying. What is happening for them? What is their story, their journey, and how can I see them for who they really are… a human who is in struggle, in fear, and in sadness. What would it take for you to slow down and forgive them and pony up some grace, honor, and love for them. In the end, that is really the only way we are going to be able to pull forward.

Look, I don’t know if any of this will be true for you, but right now it seems to be what is resonating with me. I offer it up, I offer up some extra Grace, Honor, and Love to the whole universe today. Just maybe, someone out there will feel it, and I will help them to find their light and make it shine just a little bit brighter today.

I leave you with a manifesto that I absolutely love! Kelly Rae Roberts, is an artist that I have adored and followed for several years. Her work moves me, makes my heart grow, and its just simply beautiful! So, check out her website, her prints, books, e-courses, and her podcast! She is brilliant! I can not say enough about her work and what she represents as an artist and person!

It’s a Joyful life

I believe…when all else fails, love always wins.

I believe…in practicing courage every single day.

I believe…kindness changes everything!

I believe…in telling our messy, complicated, and beautiful stories.

I believe…nothing is wasted and everything shapes us.

I believe…in letting go and trusting the process.

I believe…we are all part of something beautiful, something bigger, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly…..GOOD!
— Kelly Rae Roberts

Finding my internal compass

Finding my internal compass

My journey of rediscovering my internal compass. Finding moments of joy to stay connected to the direction I should be heading. Directed from my heart and soul. Read on about my journey

A morning ritual.

A morning ritual.

This morning, I taught my yoga class. I teach every week, twice a week. One of the things I love most about this class is that its at 7:30 am. We have to get up and greet the morning, and most mornings we are greeted with Lake Superior and a glorious sunrise, like this one. 

Breathe in. Breathe out.