A lunch to pack....such a small task yet so very daunting! Part 1


So, last night I posted an image of my kiddos lunches that I was starting to prepare for school the next day. I casually posted it to Instagram and Facebook. I got some really awesome responses and it got me to thinking....I gotta talk more about this! I am going to do a series of posts on this for people to start getting creative and educated about a healthy lunch!

 I want to share with all of you some really simple tips for packing a healthy lunch for your kiddos....and even you! Its important to remember you need nourishment just as much as your kids!

Kids need fuel, that is what is the most important thing to think about when you start to create their lunches. We all go straight to the sandwich! Which is ok for some, but I want to deconstruct the sandwich for just a minute!

Let's talk about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The typical wheat bread has been highly processed, so many of the nutrients have been removed and sugar has been added. A typical jelly bought at a store has sugar added to the fruits to make the jelly, and the peanut butter most likely has sugar added as well too. So we have just created a  SUGAR sandwich! Now, I have very much simplified this down but that is the gist. 

The average american adult consumes 150-180 pounds of sugar a year! The average 9 year old consumes around 50-75 pounds of sugar a year!

So, lets make a new sandwich! Lets find some sourdough bread, this is fermented, so the grains are easier on the digestion, AND when its fermented the vitamin B counts rise a bunch!!! So this will make for good energy for your kiddos!!! Switch to a meat for their lunch! You can find some really nice and decent priced deli meats that are NOT loaded with sugar or preservatives! One of my favorite brands is Diestel Meats, which has been on sale at my local coop for the last several weeks so I loaded my freezer with it!! Next, you can add either some healthy ranch dressing or grass fed butter, you can click on the hyperlinks and it will send you to the brands that I love!! The idea with this....you are adding super healthy fats!!  Fats fuel the brain! K2 is a fat soluble vitamin necessary for hormone production, brain development and also gut healing, and its hard to find in your foods...but you can find it in grass fed butter! Life just got a little bit better! Next, if your kiddos are willing, add some spinach or lettuce and then they are getting additional vitamins! 

So, here you have already created something super nutrient dense for your kiddos! You can add several side items to make it even better!

  • Granola- you can make your own here, or some good brands are here! Be mindful! Read labels and see what sugar has been added! Making your own is the most cost effective way!
  • apples with a side of nut butter
  • hard boiled eggs
  • hummus and carrots
  • Fruit leathers, you can make your own here, or check these out!
  • chocolate chips and nuts mixed. Obviously we wanna keep sugar low, but this is a great way for you to get healthy fats and some antioxidants from chocolate. 
  • To give you even more inspiration! Check out Generation Nourished. I love her site, the recipes are amazing, and she is totally focused on easy nutrient dense foods!!

You have created a great lunch! We are all struggling to get through our days, so making lunches needs to be simple and easy...and cost effective. When you are starting fresh in this process take some time, look up these times on places like Thrive Market, and maybe think about getting your kids involved! Its so great to have them learn to make their own lunches! Have them think about their proteins, fats, and complex carbs! They should have 30% protein, 30-40% complex carbs, and 30-40% healthy fats!

You can do this! Making the shift for your kiddos will make them stronger and healthier through out their day and even better you are giving them brain power to retain all they are learning throughout the day!

To help everyone get started on this journey, check out Thrive Market! You can get your first three orders for 20% off! That is a great way to start off your shopping!

More to come! We are gonna break down more great lunch ideas in part 2! Stay tuned!


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