You are Enough...

You know when you read something and it takes your breathe away?

Well, this post literally smacked me in the face. Whoa. So I read it once, posted it immediately to all the moms in the world wanting to offer up love to all of them, letting them know I was impacted by this post and wanted them to know “they are enough”!

Then I read it again.

This was a message to me! This was a message for no one else but me. I needed to read this, take this in, I mean fully take this in and realize…

I am enough.

Simply stated, right?

Its hard to say this, its hard to recognize the need for self love, self care, self appreciation…all the self positives that I can think of. It led me down a path last night of reflection. I have been struggling these days, but not really completely coming to terms with it.

This hit me…

You are enough. You are doing your best. Those little eyes that look up at you – they think you are perfect. They think you are more than enough. Those little hands that reach out to hold you – they think you are the strongest. They think you can conquer the world. -excerpt from an article by Bethany Jacobs in Inspire More.

I am a mom. I am a hard working mom. I take the job very seriously and I am extremely hard on myself in the entire process…TO A FAULT! I will not cut myself any slack.  So, now I am hitting a wall and I am internally hurting mentally and physically. I realized that this is actually what my kiddos are seeing, they are witnessing me working really hard, but they are witnessing me not caring for ME! Children learn by example. How am I able to teach my kiddos to take care of themselves, love them selves, appreciate their strengths, and grow into powerful humans if I don’t believe this for myself?

This article made me take a look at how I choose my path. I am thankful for the opportunity to look at myself and honor my own greatness. I am thankful for the opportunity to fall hard, to work on picking myself up. I am giving myself the choice, and I am trying to identify on a deeper level what it’s going to take to make some changes.

Changes? What am I going to do?

So I have decided to treat myself as if I were a new client.

My 10 Steps of Self Care, Self Love and Self-Growth:

1.     I did a health intake form…the whole thing! Taking time to really look at my nutritional deficiencies and stresses can be a real eye opener…very scary too. Empowering to know that I have the skills in me to heal my body. I am very lucky and thankful for that!

2.     Wrote down my intentions for the year AGAIN, and realized I wasn’t really in there at all, so I changed them, and added me!

3.     Set up my nutrition plan for the first two weeks. Sugar Regulation diet, supplements, and meal ideas. When I do this I innately bring goodness to my family. It’s a win-win for all of us!

4.     Meditation! Set my goal for 10 min. This can take me to a place of calm, it’s hard at times to settle down, but deep listening to my inner self has created some really deep healing. Cracking some things open that I was not ready for but in the end felt so very empowered after. It’s worth every struggling 10 minutes! Even incorporating simple aromas to help aid me in the processing of grounding down and allowing my body to settle into my meditations. Currently Balance is my favorite!

5.     Made an appointment with a friend to take a look at some of my physical issues coming up for me

6.     Hair Mineral Analysis, I have never done a test on myself, I have provided tests like this for my clients, my husband, and my kiddos, but I have actually never done this for myself.

7.     Movement, I started strength training last fall and really fell in love with it, it taxed my body in new ways, good and bad, but bringing this back into my world in a patient and healthy way has made my body stronger and healthier. Staying connected with my yoga, practicing what I preach on a weekly basis!

8.     Being a Conscious Parent. Teaching my children to really listen to themselves! I am introducing some forms of consciousness. Simple step taught to me by my friend and yogi Elena Brower, to have a “DO OVER”—whoa! Game changer! When I freak out (or my kiddos freak out) and do not handle ourselves in the most loving way we offer up a “do over”.  Giving each other the ability to take a breath and choose to start again in a morning loving way. IT WORKS! It’s not easy at times but it has been powerful in my home. More to come on this in a future post! Reading two books, The Conscious Parent & Out of Control by Dr. Shefali have changed me!

9.     Choosing family over technology! Whoa! Seriously, I will admit that the phone and the computer can take me down! I get on Facebook or Instagram way too often. I put my phone down when I get home in the evening and I am engaging with my kiddos. (This is a learning curve!) My kiddos get technology on the weekends only and it makes a big difference in the engagement, compassionate communication, and creative play with my kids.

10. Time with my husband. Michael and I plan on time together. We actually have to schedule this sometimes. I get lost in life maintance I lot, and Michael and I need to be able to engage in order to survive, and it makes such a difference when I get the opportunity to talk with him and realize on a very deep level how much this man loves and supports me…and that validation is so healing for me!

It's not a simple process, it's dedication, but the effort for me is worth it. Just thinking about how I can have my children grow up with a full appreciation of themselves and find value in taking care of themselves from the inside out is worth the whole journey!