Teach Your Kids to Meditate...sort of!

Well, not totally. So I started listening to this Summit yesterday, and I know this is so far behind the eight ball but I felt like it was so important to share. So I am going to do a short shout out to Heather Chauvin at momisincontrol.com, Please check her out, and this summit out. She has created an extreamely dynamic summit of creative, spiritual, and gifted speakers from all avenues of wellness, parenting, and self care. The summit has started, but click here and sign up as there are still a ton more speakers happening and it’s FREE!!!! I want you to know I am not getting paid for this, I just feel that strongly about this topic.

You may be wondering….really? Teach my kid to meditate….right!

I believe all humans have a purpose and deserve the right to be seen, heard and understood. I see parenting, relationships and feeling connected to our work like personal growth on steroids. Our most intimate relationships show us exactly where we can grow and expand.
— Heather Chauvin

Well, this is not about teaching your kid to meditate, it’s about gaining more control of your path as a mother (or father). Not control in the way that we are over-bearing, domineering, and commanding our kids, this is actually you where your soul lies. The base of who you are and building a foundation for yourself that recognizes your strengths and your weaknesses and gives you the tools to become a person stemming from love and joy! Don’t get me wrong, this is a lot of work, and it can be ugly and challenging and even exhausting at times, but it in the end is giving you the ability to show your true self and allow your children to see you for who you are so they can grow and be who they are with honor and grace and love. Cool! Right!

This is a big deal for me these days, I am finding parenting to be a gift, but it’s a gift to myself. I am shown on a daily basis who I am through my children. For better and for worse, they mirror me and when things seem down-right shitty in my world it can manifest out through them too, and I am learning how to work with myself and my kids to identify the most meaningful ways for us to work together as a family.

Over these coming months, I am going to be posting more about tools and creative thoughts on how to work with yourself to create a life that brings happiness and joy for you...and for your family. These tips are going to be through your nutrition, your daily practice (or more likely how to create that daily practice), meditation, and so much more. So, stay tuned! Right now though, click here and check out this summit, it could be that one step toward something new for you that will manifest even the smallest most unique change for you!