Honoring Self

So, this resonated with me today...actually it hit me smack in the face!

Time is money’, ‘hurry, hurry, hurry’ or you will miss out on something, be the first in line, the first to win, the best at everything etc.

“We are competitive instead of cooperative and our measure of success is based on comparison instead of personal satisfaction.

“We have become a society where our hearts can’t keep up and our adrenals are shot.
— Lena Stevens, The Power Path.com

So, she wrote this in a blog post on mysticmama.com, it was the February reading. I adore this blog and the insights are sent out each month. Lena Stevens, seems to nail it for this month! Check it out, and even sign up for the monthly insights...you may not follow astrology, but you may want to after reading these!

The theme this month, is simply allowing things to naturally unfold. To be able to sit within yourself and give patience and reverence to who you are and where you are at. Whoa! That is not exactly an easy thing to do. Coming into February is always a solid and hopeful time for me. I enjoy winter and love the time outside in the snow, but I am not going to lie, January is literally the longest month of the year for me. The light is absent and it just feels...well..hard. So, when February arrives, I feel the light a bit more and for some reason this is my new beginning. This is the month I tend to want to creatively jump into things....until this year...

These past few months have been filled with a bit more struggle...I think that is the word. I have sustained a injury to my psoas and lower back that has made it challenging to be more physically active and actually even prevented my yoga practice. This is hard! Really. Hard. So as I read this passage from Lena...

“The goal this month is to allow everything to ‘unfold’ as a flower unfolds into a full bloom from a bud. You cannot force a bud to bloom before its time, and you never know exactly how that full bloom is going to look.

We, and many of our intentions, are at the bud stage now, and allowing the ‘unfolding’ in their right time will take some shifting in the way we have always approached the way we do things.

well, I am not super patient, I am not one to want to wait it out. I am a fixer and get her done kind of girl. I can not do this right now though. So I have chosen to sit. I am chosen to make this shift and its hard, and a lot of times it hurts physically and emotionally but for some reason I trust it. I feel the shift and I feel the opening. Every day is a challenge. I have to work my yoga practice slowly, methodically and maybe not as vigorously as I have in the past. I sit with my kids and color or paint, or snuggle in bed instead of quickly moving onto the dishes or meal prep or laundry. Its hard. Really. Hard.

So I honor the struggle, and I honor the space of time and patience. Lena speaks of allowing things to unfold and to look at what lies beneath that panic of time. I will attempt to take this time and dig into my fears and honor myself. Its the least i can do...right?

Whether or not you believe in astrology or how the full moon effects us...its not really that important. What is important is the honoring of yourself. The honoring of the time you are given on this earth, and what's the rush to get through it....you and I may just discover something in that quiet moment that will change us forever.